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The Yen Fellowship

The Institute invites applications for the Institute’s Yen Fellowship. This fellowship is for recent Ph.D. graduates and seeks to support outstanding individuals to undertake interdisciplinary research in the area of subcellular transport of macromolecules, using a combination of biophysical, genetic, computational, biochemical and cell biological tools.  Yen Fellows are given considerable latitude in defining their research direction and will conduct their research in the laboratories of Institute faculty. A description of the Institute faculty and their research interests can be found here. We encourage applicants to contact Institute faculty directly about potential projects.

Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, three reference letters and a short research proposal to Candice Lewis.

The endowed Yen Fellows Program has been established to attract postdoctoral level researchers who will be associated with one or more IBD faculty but have the freedom to conduct research independently. This program is supported by the endowment of a gift from U of C Chemistry Department alumnus Yung-Tsai Yen, PhD ’75, and his wife Ho-Tzu.