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This course is sponsored jointly by the Burroughs Wellcome Interfaces program and Committee on Cell Physiology; credit is granted for qualified students meeting the requirements of the course directors.


Spring Quarter 2006 Cell Physiology 350 Biophysical Discussions: Systems Biology, Self-Assembly and Complexity
Course Director: Piers Nash

  • April 3: Reductionist approaches to systems and self assembly: Simple experiments to probe complexity
    Norbert Scherer (Chemistry)
    Steve Kron (Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)
  • April 10: Molecular assembly to mechanical support: Probing the actin cytoskeleton
    Sergey Kozmin (Chemistry)
    David Kovar (Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)
  • April 17: Complex materials and complex networks
    Thomas Witten (Physics)
    Thuong Van Ha (Radiology)
  • April 24: DNA-protein interactions: Transcriptional activation and recombination
    Chuan He (Chemistry)
    Phoebe Rice (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  • May 1: Self-organization of biological and physical nanostructures
    Heinrich Jaeger (Physics)
    Ben Glick (Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)
  • May 8: Disequilibrium: Forces and movement
    Wendy Zhang (Physics)
    Ron Rock (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  • May 15: Sequence needles in the genome haystack
    Rick Stevens (Computer Science)
    Yoav Gilad (Human Genetics)
  • May 22: Noise and robustness in signaling networks
    Philippe Cluzel (Physics)
    Marsha Rosner (Ben May Institute for Cancer Research)

Spring Quarter 2003 Cell Physiology 350 Biophysical Discussions: Nucleic Acids
Course Directors: Stephen Kron and Norbert Scherer

  • March 31: Overview of complex behavior and function of nucleic acids
    Steve Kron (Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)
    Norbert Scherer (Chemistry)
  • April 7: Molecular anatomy of nucleic acids
    Tao Pan (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
    Joe Piccirilli (Chemistry)
  • April 14: Base-pair level evolution and repair
    Bernie Strauss (Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)
    Chuan He (Chemistry)
  • April 21: Nucleic acid sequencing now and in the future
    Edwin Cook (Psychiatry)
    Rustem Ismagilov (Chemistry)
  • April 28: Electrostatic interactions
    Phoebe Rice (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
    David Grier (Physics)
  • May 5: Bootstrapping life/evolution
    Jonathan Staley (Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)
    Philippe Cluzel (Physics)
  • May 12: Hidden information
    San Ming Wang (Hematology and Oncology)
    L. Ridgway Scott (Computer Science; Mathematics)
  • May 19: Forces and recombination in big molecules
    Doug Bishop (Radiation and Cellular Oncology)
    Thomas Witten (Physics)

Spring Quarter 2002 Cell Physiology 350 Biophysical Discussions: Proteins
Course Directors: Dottie Hanck, Stephen Kron, Norbert Scherer, Eric Schwartz

  • March 25: Protein tutorial From synthesis to complexity
    Joe Piccirilli, Chemistry/BMB/HHMI
    Steve Kron, MGCB
  • April 1: Protein discovery + evolution
    Ridg Scott, Comp.Sci./Math/CI/IBD
    Manyuan Long, Ecol.& Evol.
  • April 8: Long time dynamics and photocycles
    Karl Freed, Chemistry/JFI
    Wouter Hoff, BMB
  • April 15: Protein design + chemical synthesis
    Ariel Fernandez, IBD/Chemistry
    Steve Kent, BMB/IBD
  • April 22: Folding
    Steve Berry, Chemistry/JFI
    Tobin Sosnick, BMB/IBD
  • April 29: Protein–ligand interactions
    Sergey Kozmin, Chemistry
    Marsha Rosner, Ben May/Neurobiol. Pharm. & Phys.
  • May 6: William Eaton, NIH Laboratory of Chemical Physics
    Chemistry Harkins Lecture 4:00 pm Kent 120
    “Dynamics and the cure of sickle cell disease”
  • May 7: William Eaton, NIH Laboratory of Chemical Physics
    Burroughs Wellcome Visiting Scholar 3:00 pm – BSLC 240
    "Probing the free energy surface for protein folding with single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy"
  • May 13: Time-resolved structure
    Jim Norris, Chemistry/IBD
    Keith Moffat, BMB/IBD
  • May 20: Protein–protein interactions
    Milan Mrksich, Chemistry/IBD
    Wei-Jen Tang, Ben May
  • May 27: Memorial Day Observed
  • June 3: Proteins and membranes
    Ka Yee Lee, Chemistry/IBD/JFI
    William Green, Neurobiol. Pharm. & Phys.

Spring Quarter 2001 Cell Physiology 350 Biophysical Discussions: Membrane Dynamics
Course Instructors: Dottie Hanck, Stephen Kron, Norbert Scherer, Eric Schwartz

  • March 26:
    Ka Yee Lee (Chemistry)
    Theodore Steck (BMB)
  • April 2:
    David Grier (Physics)
    Eric Schwartz (Neuro. Pharm. Phys.)
  • April 9:
    Sidney Nagel (Physics)
    Steve Kron (MGCB)
  • April 16:
    Milan Mrkisch (Chemistry)
    Elizabeth McNally (Medicine)
  • April 23:
    Tom Witten (Physics)
    Eric Beyer (Medicine)
  • April 30:
    Frank Brown (IBD Fellow)
    Aaron Turkewitz (MGCB)
  • May 7:
    Philippe Cluzel (Physics)
    Benjamin Glick (MGCB)
  • May 14:
    David Oxtoby (Chemistry)
    Clive Palfrey (Neuro. Pharm. Phys.)
  • May 21:
    Manfred Lindau (Cornell Univ.)
  • June 4:
    Erwin Neher (MPI, Goettingen) Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology, 1991

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