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Cross-Disciplinary Program in Biophysical Dynamics and Biocomplexity

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Trainee Requirements and Resources

Attendance at Weekly BWF Seminar Series. This series is for the presentation, discussion, and comment by the co-directors of each trainee’s research project and progress. It is an excellent forum for the co-directors to keep track of the dedication of each Fellow and their research mentors, to the cross-disciplinary mission of the program. See Presentations by Fellows

Attendance at Luncheon and Special Seminars by Visiting Scholars. See BWF Visiting Scholars for full description and topics discussed.

Course Requirements. Attendance at the Spring Quarter discussion course (CPHY 350 - Biophysical Discussions) held Monday evenings, 5:30-6:30, offered on a pass/fail basis, with the weekly discussion leaders being one physical and one biological sciences faculty who connect on a common topic under a general and fundamental theme in biology. The past three years have been centered on "Membranes," “Proteins," and "Nucleic Acids." This year's theme will be "Signaling and Networks." All PSD and BSD grad students, post-docs and faculty are welcome and participation from the audience is strongly encouraged. This course may be taken for credit if desired but it is not necessary to meet the BWF requirement. BWF fellows are required to take one course per year in addition to CPHY 350 during their fellowship period. Fellows can take any course approved by the co-directors and can do so for pass/fail; they do not have to take a course for grade unless they prefer to do so. See CPHY 350 – Topics Discussed for list of previous discussion topics and Other Course Requirements for suggestions of courses to fulfill the second requirement.

Completion of Burroughs Wellcome Interfaces in Science Trainee Report. This is an annual online exercise via a secure Burroughs Wellcome Fund website which requires the listing of demographic and financial data by the BWF Program Coordinator and a series of short paragraphs added by each fellow, including a summary of research activities and a list of publications and talks during the fellowship year. Included is the opportunity to complete a Trainee Confidential Survey commenting on the experience of each Fellow with the program.

Special Resources for Trainees
Liberal Funding. Beyond the quarterly fellowship stipend and partial tuition provided to each student we also give support for research laboratory expense ($1,000/year), travel ($1,000/year), and a special supplement ($1,500) which can be used for any personal purchase, including computers, as long as it is research-related. We also provide funds for the use of special instrument facilities, both on campus and in other locations.

Chemistry Computer Laboratory Access. The BWF program has contributed a substantial portion of the funds required for the acquisition of a 16-node Linux computer cluster which guarantees our fellows priority access for their computationally-intensive research. The BWF has also contributed funds toward software that will be supported allowing us more input on its choice. This is a valuable and cost-effective augmentation of instrumentation resources at the University which we are pleased to support through the generosity of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund.

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