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The program is no longer open to new applicants.

Guidelines for Application to the Burroughs Wellcome Interfaces Program
Full Proposal due by Monday, April 25, 2005, final deadline for e-mail submission

  1. The Student's Proposal
    • Cover letter containing academic plan/career goals
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Undergraduate transcript (xeroxed copies from dept. file)
    • Graduate transcript (xeroxed copy from dept. file)
    • GPA (obtain unofficial copy from Registrar’s Office)
    • 4 page proposal (Font size 10, 11 or 12pt, with >0.75'' margins all round)
      • ~300 words on the scientific problem and biological system
      • ~50 word statement of the specific aim
      • experimental background and approach
      • significance to student's field of physical science
      • figures, diagrams, bibliography

    NOTE: Experiments that are purely PSD-oriented, but may be preparatory for the cross-disciplinary research, are of lower priority or even outside the scope of the Interfaces program. If your research is still in the purely PSD-phase then the panel of reviewers may recommend reapplication at a later time. It is essential that your application describe the line of experiments that you will perform in the biology lab since we expect the Fellows to spend (at least) half of their time in the collaborating lab.

  2. The PSD Advisor's Letter of Nomination
    • Recommendation
    • Commitment to collaboration
    • Training plan to thesis
    • Plans for follow-on funding for student's future support
    • 2-page Biosketch, w/o research support

  3. The BSD Co-Advisor's Letter of Commitment
    • Statement of biological problem
    • Commitment to collaboration
    • Space and resource commitments
    • Training environment and plan
    • 2-page Biosketch, w/o research support

Monday, April 25 Absolute Application Deadline
One copy of the Student's Proposal sent as a single PDF file - sent w/o security
(The transcripts/verification of GPA should be brought to the office of M. Kulberg, SCL 029)
Letters of Nomination and Biosketch from PSD and BSD Advisors, sent also via e-mail.

Send all to both S. Kron and N. Scherer via e-mail at nfschere@uchicago.edu, skron@uchicago.edu

Note: After preliminary review, all applicants will be scheduled to present a brief (10-15 minute) summary of their research proposal at the weekly BWF seminar in the early afternoon (Wednesday) of either April 27 or May 4. Current Fellows, the co-directors, and Dr. Feder will be present.

Funding to begin Summer Quarter, 2005
Funding decisions to be made by mid-May; awardees will be asked to confirm acceptance.

What Students Receive: Full stipend, partial tuition and health clinic and insurance benefits, will be covered. Students may apply for travel funds and research lab expenses. An additional supplement for personal, research-related purchases is also provided. Awards will be made for one year with possible renewal for a second year.


  • Students
    • Students must strive to accomplish the spirit of the program through active involvement in the culture and research of their collaborating group. This includes weekly group meetings and departmental seminars in addition to their daily research activities in the lab.

    • Active participation in BWF training program activities. This involves attendance at the weekly BWF seminar meetings presented by fellows and a yearly retreat and presentation of research accomplishments, as well as BWF-related programs, including the proposed Spring Quarter “Biophysical Discussions” (CPHYS 350) class meeting once per week. Weekly attendance at this class is a requirement for all Fellows, but taking the course for credit is not a requirement. (This course can only be taken as pass/fail.)

    • Students will take one additional course per year of relevance to the intent of the program. Suggestions will be given. To fulfill the requirements of the program, Fellows must register for a course but can take it for pass/fail; they do not have to take it for a grade unless they prefer to do so.

  • Mentors
    • Mentors have the responsibility to encourage their student’s active participation in the aforementioned requirements and to foster development of a strong interdisciplinary culture. It is also hoped that the BSD faculty collaborator will embrace the Fellow as a full participant in his or her respective laboratory.

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