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Chronological Roster of
BWF Fellows and Faculty Mentors to Date:
7/2001 - 12/2006

Fellows Mentors
Physical Sciences
Biological Sciences
Group 1
Alexei Korennykh J. Piccirilli C. Correll
Chemistry Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
RNA-protein recognition: how does restrictocin recognize the Sarcin-Ricin domain?
Dal-Hee Min M. Mrksich W-J. Tang, Ben May Inst.
Chemistry Chemistry Cmtes. Cancer Biol., Cell Physiol., Neurobiol
Surface chemistry approach to protein microarrays
Liping Tong M. Mc Peek L. Mets
Statistics Statistics Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
Bioinformatics analysis of optical geneticmapping using the optical mapping method
Guohui Wu K. Y. Lee R. Lee
Chemistry Chemistry Surgery: Plastic Surgery
How do copolymer surfactants seal damaged membranes?
Zheng Xie N. Scherer T. Pan / T. Sosnick
Chemistry Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Folding of bacterial ribonuclease P during transcription by single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy
Muhammad Zaman S. Berry T. Sosnick
Chemistry Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Experimental and theoretical approach to protein folding
Group 2
Richard Baxter J. Norris K. Moffat
Chemistry Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Time-resolved X-ray crystallography of the photosynthetic reaction center of Blastochloris viridis
Wendy Ryan Gordon D. Levy W. Hoff / S. Kent
Chemistry Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Understanding the function of a photo-sensory protein based on gas-phase spectroscopy of its chromophore
Jongwoo Song D. Nicolae J. Cho
Statistics Statistics Medicine: Gastroenterology - Genetics
Statistical methods for gene expression data
Group 3
Abhishek Jha K. Freed T. Sosnick
Chemistry Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Long-time dynamics of E6ap protein: A comparison of theory and NMR experiments
Mattias Mobius H. Jaeger / S. Nagel G. Karczmar
Physics Physics Radiology
Imaging fluid flow fields using MRI
Alexandre Statsiouk S. Kozmin S. Kent / M. Rosner, Biochem. & Mol. Biol.
Chemistry Chemistry Neurobiology, Pharm. & Physiology
Investigation of chemical biology of Bistramide A, a highly potent protein kinase C-d agonist
Ming Zhao N. Scherer W. Hoff
Physics Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Force measurement of light induced functional transitions in photoactive yellow protein molecules
Group 4
Young-Sam Lee M. Mrksich W.-J. Tang, Ben May Inst.
Chemistry Chemistry Cmtes. Cancer Biol., Cell Physiol., Neurobiol.
Chemical biological approaches to elucidate the role of the interaction between focal adhesion kinase and paxillin
Jason Wyman S. Nagel M. Garfinkel, MD
Physics Physics Surgery: Transplant
Encapsulation of islets in polymer shells using selective withdrawal to achieve immunoisolation
Group 5
Tanya Baker J. Cowan N. Issa
Physics Math. and Neurology Neurobiology, Pharm., & Physiology
Modeling neural population activity in the visual cortex
Justin Jureller N. Scherer L. Philipson
Chemistry Chemistry Medicine: Endocrinology
Two-photon fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in pancreatic insulin-secreting beta cells
Jing Liu L. R. Scott H. Singh
Computer Science Computer Science Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
Identification of genes and transcriptional regulatory elements by unsupervised learning
Spencer Roach R. Ismagilov P. Rice
Chemistry Chemistry Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
High-resolution, high-throughput crystallization of biological macromolecules in microfluidic devices
Group 6
Peng Chen C. He O. Schneewind, MD
Chemistry Chemistry Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
Probing the functional role of the multidrug resistant regulatory protein BmrR
Jelena Janjic S. Kozmin S. Kron
Chemistry Chemistry Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
Using Saccharomyces cerevisiae to determine the mode of action of leucascandrolide A
Group 7
David Kendall S. Berry S. Koide
Chemistry Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Exploring protein-ligand association using small molecule probes
Xiaohui Qu N. Scherer T. Pan, T. Sosnick, Biochem. & Molecular Biol.
L. Mets, Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
Physics Chemistry
Dynamic properties of individual RNA molecule
Group 8
Erica Duguid C. He P. Rice
Chemistry Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Studying the interaction of human O6-alkylguanine-DNA-alkyltransferase with DNA through crystallization
Maria Ratajczak K.-Y. Lee T. Steck
Physics Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Cholesterol traffic, or, How does plasma membrane cholesterol regulate cholesterol homeostasis?
Matt Runyon R. Ismagilov T. Van Ha, MD
Chemistry Chemistry Radiology
Using minimal chemical models and microfluidics to understand threshold response and sensitivity to flow in human hemostasis
Jing Su M. Mrksich M. Peter
Chemistry Chemistry Ben May Institute for Cancer Research
Profiling caspase activities in apoptotic pathways with Lab-on-a-Chip
Group 9
Dan Siegal P. Cluzel T. Pan
Physics Physics Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
A real-time study of gene networks using RNA as a reporter system
Group 10
Michael Baxa K. Freed T. Sosnick
PhysicsChemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Conformational fluctuations modeled using replica exchange Langevin dynamics and hydrogen exchange
Leandro Cortes Y. Amit E. Schwartz, MD
Computer ScienceStatistics/ComputerSci. Neurobiology, Pharm. & Physiology
Vesicle movement between actin filaments and the surface membrane
Jelena Pesic N. Scherer L. Mets
ChemistryChemistry Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
Conformational fluctuations in long range electron transfer reactions in single heme proteins
Syed Rizvi S. Kozmin R. Rock
ChemistryChemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Biochemical characterization of the binding of Bistramide A to actin:synthesis of simplified analogs
Mridusmita Saikia J. Piccirilli T. Pan
ChemistryChemistryBiochemistry & Molecular Biology
Studies of RNA modifications on the genomic scale
Shannon Stewman A. Dinner D. Preuss
ChemistryChemistryMolecular Genetics & Cell Biology/HHMI
Mechanisms of selectivity during plant mate choice

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