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Administrative Structure

Stephen Kron, MGCB, Cmtes Cancer Biol. & Genetics; is the Biological Sciences Co-Director and shares all responsibilities with Scherer.
Norbert Scherer, Chemistry, IBD, JFI, is the Physical Sciences Co-Director and serves an equal role with Kron in selecting fellows and organizing program activities, including the Visiting Scholars and coursework.

Adminstrative Liaison:
Juliana Feder, Executive Administrator of the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics and member of the BWF Advisory Committee, serves as Liaison between Fellows and Co-Directors, and schedules the Weekly Seminar series and Spring Biophysical Discussions course. She also assists in the application process and attends all BWF activities.

Program Coordinator:
Mary Kulberg, Chemistry, who is Scherer’s assistant, acts as liaison between the co-directors and faculty, students, and departmental student representatives, and takes care of day-to-day operations including keeping the financial records of all expenses, communicating with the administrative overseers, and prepares the financial reports for the BWF Annual Report. She also fulfills the role of BWF Program Coordinator in the entering of demographic and financial data for the annual BWF Trainee Report.

Operations Assistant:
Blanca Staley, Knapp LBC, is the administrative assistant serving Kron and his colleagues and has been giving one hour per day to the BWF grant, assisting as needed.

BWF U of C Advisory Committee

The committee provides guidance and oversight to the co-directors on topics such as outreach, selection of visiting scholars, new initiatives and integration with other interdisciplinary structures at the University.

Leo P. Kadanoff, Ph.D. PSD, Depts. Physics, Math., JFI, EFI, College; U.C. since ’78; Director UC MRSEC ’94-’97; National Academy, National Medal of Science
Janet D. Rowley, M.D., BSD, Depts. of Medicine, Human Genetics, MGCB; U.C. Lab School, College, Medicine, Fellow, Faculty; Natl. Academy, Lasker Award, Natl. Medal Science; BSD Interim Dean for Science ’00-’02
Stephen B.H. Kent, Ph.D., PSD & BSD, Depts. of BMB, Chem., & UofC MRSEC; U.C. since ’01; Director, IBD ‘03-present
Juliana H. Feder, Ph.D. (ex-officio), PSD & BSD Institute for Biophysical Dynamics; U.C. since ’77; Executive Administrator, IBD ‘02-present. Liason between Committee and Co-Directors and Fellows.

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