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Cross-Disciplinary Program in Biophysical Dynamics and Biocomplexity

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Program Overview

Stephen Kron, BSD and Norbert Scherer, PSD, Co-Directors

Cross-training offers students the confidence and independence to pursue careers at the interface

  • Dual-mentor training and shared responsibility
  • Biophysical Discussions over dinner
  • Visiting Scholars as agents provacateur
  • Competitive renewal for self-evaluation

This is a student centered program

  • Proposals come from students
  • Fellows are financially independent, 100% time commitment
  • Program staff interact directly with Fellows, indirectly with co-mentors

A supportive community is formed, requiring substantive involvement of the co-mentors and hands-on participation of the co-directors, frequent interactions with the other Fellows, and support from the entire University community

  • Weekly meetings
  • Retreat
  • Courses (several initiated by BWF Interfaces Program)
  • Promoting long-term relationships

Shared graduate students can best initiate long-term links between faculty from diverse backgrounds for serious cross-training achievement.

Download the article and associated supplemental materials, "Policy Forum: Educating Future Scientists," from Science, vol. 301, pg. 1485, Sept. 12, 2003. (226k pdf file)

For more information, please check the Burroughs Wellcome Fund web site: www.bwfund.org

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